Expert counseling services for those few discerning professionals who require extreme confidentiality.

we do it all.

Our collaborative professionals offer coaching, consulting, counseling, and psychotherapy, while assisting professionals to identify goals and build the skills required to attain them. PLS provides expert consultation in matters of personal and/or professional growth, focusing on present clinical concerns and addressing issues from the past to better understand and increase your current quality of life. More intensive services also include crisis management, interventions, and personalized case management.

our priority is personal privacy while offering top tier mental health care.

From Doctors to lawyers, executive officers, CPAs, military personnel, police officers, judges and legislators, we offer specialized counseling and assistance to meet your particular needs. Our highly qualified, well-trained and knowledgeable staff boasts more than 50 years combined experience in providing the essential guidance relevant to thrive in work place and at home.

a higher standard of care to enrich your personal, professional and family well-being.

Individuals in high stress, high-exposure positions, often perceive having limited options in seeking clinical assistance. Working professionals also tend to face difficulties in the formation and implementation of personal goals.