john mark jenNings

John Mark, the founder of Professional Living Support (PLS), is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. John Mark recognized the need that some have for a higher standard of care to enrich their personal, professional or family well-being. He has provided high quality mental health services across the region for over 25 years. John Mark has mentored many professionals throughout the state, and uses diverse approaches and therapies to address concerns of life’s circumstances. In order to provide the confidentiality required, these services are now offered in the comfort of your home or office to improve your quality of life personally and professionally. A variety of personalized and collaborative approaches are available exclusively to professionals who value their privacy.

terry janelle, ma, lpcc

Terry has provided exceptional clinical services for more than ten years and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of her clients in the privacy of their home or office. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Therapist (LPCC) with several specialties that address trauma and solution-based therapy for families, couples, and individuals. Terry is committed to establishing the highest level of confidentiality and empowering clients with insightful, pragmatic, and experienced interventions.

keith lee, Ph.d.

Keith brings over 28 years of experience as a consultant, depth psychotherapist, crisis interventionist, and life coach. He has worked at some of the leading mental health facilities in the world, serving celebrity clients as well as the homeless. He has been trained by leaders in the field of psychology and coaching and has led intensive workshops nationally and internationally. Dr. Lee’s goal is to provide the highest quality, confidential, convenient assistance to individuals, couples, and families as a partner in getting unstuck from stubborn, complex, or complicated issues preventing full authentic living. Dr. Lee believes in the pragmatic use of high impact integrative processes designed to accelerate progress and garner sustained results. Dr. Lee skillfully navigates the person or family out of chaos and into authentic living aligned with their deepest core values. A breakthrough is just a session away.